Saturday, September 6, 2014

Makeup & Hair Styling in The Sims 4!

Ok guys, I was BEYOND excited for the release of The Sims 4! I've played all the Sims games since the very first installments, and even despite the fact that they've gotten rid of toddlers and pools, this game looked like a lot of fun - especially the new CAS system! Instead of using sliders which have typically controlled your Sims' looks in the past, you can simply click and drag on areas of the body to change them.

I've been playing around a lot with the new CAS, so I thought I'd show you guys a few of the cool Sims I put together - and specifically take a look at the makeup and hair styles that I chose! Obviously makeup is always one of my favorite parts of making a female Sim, and even though The Sims 4 no longer has the options to choose any color you want for clothes, furniture, and other features, there are tons of color selections still available.

Look #1: Natural

This Sim's look was the easiest to put together - for makeup, all I added was some brown eyeliner, peachy blush, and light pink lipstick. Since I wanted to keep her makeup light, I went with cute pigtails and a really fun floppy sunhat to draw the attention away from the face and still create some interest. I gave this Sim a fun, outdoorsy personality, so I wanted her style to reflect that, as well!

Look #2: Smokey

For this Sim, I wanted to go with a glamorous, nightlife-inspired look with a really dramatic smokey eye. I chose a heavier makeup application and then selected a dark gray color to get the smokey effect, then I added black winged eyeliner across the top. I didn't apply any blush, since this Sim was already really pale and I wanted to keep the main focus on the eyes. For the lips I used just a touch of a pale nude color, to offset the drama in the eyes. And of course, I had to go with this beautiful sideswept hairstyle - I love how it shows off her earrings, as well!

Look #3: Colorful

This look was definitely my favorite to put together! I wanted to try using different colored eyeliners, so I chose a slightly smokey navy blue eyeshadow, and then topped it off with royal blue winged eyeliner. I added a touch of peachy blush, and then picked a darker wine color for the lips - just because I was doing color on the eyes didn't mean I was going to skimp on the lips! I wanted to pair the look up with these awesome feather earrings, so I gave this Sim a funky braided ponytail to really show off her look!

If any of you have The Sims 4, you can find these Sims (and so many more) on the Gallery in game! Check then out, and happy Simming!


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