Saturday, September 13, 2014

Look of the Day: Glittery Smokey Eye with Fall Colors!

Since I didn't have work today, I wanted to do something a little more exciting with my makeup - I still think this is a very wearble look, but the glitter and bright pink/burgundy colors make it more interesting than a regular neutral eye! Since there were some pink shades in the eye, I actually applied only bronzer and highlighter to my face, skipping the blush, so that the pink tones wouldn't conflict. A peachy or wine shade would look lovely with these eyes, though!

This look was actually not too difficult to achieve, and you can use a variety of products to get a similar look! I started out with some shimmery white cream shadow in the middle of my lid, to intensify and lighten the burgundy color I was going to be using later. Then I took some brown shades and smoked out my crease area, starting with a light matte shade and working up to darker colors. I concentrated some of the dark brown in my inner and outer corner, as well. The shimmery white shadow actually looked really nice in the center of the eye by itself, but to make this look more fall-inspired I used L'Oreal's Glistening Garnet Infallible shadow on top of it, and topped that off with a neon pink glitter liner from NYX. Finally, I smoked out the bottom lashline with some black on the outside, and brown on the inside. I finished things off with black liquid liner, mascara, and super nude lipgloss.



  1. Very pretty! I love the look, do you have a YouTube channel for tutorials?

    1. Thank you! :) I don't have a YouTube (yet), my camera's pretty old and isn't great with video....but I might give it a try in the future!