Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drugstore Back-to-School Lip Products for Middle School, High School, and College

It's that time of year again - school is almost back in session! Parents everywhere are rejoicing, while kids are savoring their last day or two of summer. You may have already stocked up on the coolest notebooks, pencils, and folders - but don't forget the lip products! Here are some of my back-to-school favorites, from moisturizing to colorful, so you can find the right lip product for you and your grade level! I've picked out 3 lip products each for middle school, high school, and college - and the best thing is that they're all from the drugstore!

Middle School:
If you're in middle school, you may have started wearing light makeup already, or you may be rocking the natural, bare-faced look. Either way, I'd recommend keeping the lip products light. Not only will products like balms and glosses look more natural, but they are also easier to apply and require less precision, which means you won't be stuck in the bathroom trying to apply perfect lipstick!

SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner - Rose: This lip balm is probably a little too frosty for most adults, but for younger girls it's lovely! I've always found SoftLips balms to be extremely moisturizing, and the SPF 15 will help protect lips from damaging sun rays.
Bath & Body Works Liplicious Gloss: The particular shade that I'm wearing isn't being sold in Bath & Body Works stores anymore, but you can still find similar clear and lightly tinted glosses - and the best part is that they come in a bunch of fun flavors! These glosses add just a hint of shine and shimmer, and the tube packaging makes it super easy to swipe them on in between classes.
Maybelline Baby Lips Balm - Pink Punch: The most pigmented lip product in the bunch, this balm gives a beautiful pink tint to the lips, feels smooth and moisturizing, and has SPF 20! If the pink is too bright for you, these balms come in a variety of other tints, and there are several clear options as well!

High School:
Whether you've started wearing a fuller face of makeup and want the perfect lip product to compliment the rest of your look, or you want to keep the face natural and just accentuate your lips, these lip products range from glossy to matte and from bright to subtle. They all look great alone, so no need to pack a ton of lip products to take to school!

e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color - Tea Rose: This lip color is extremely matte, so it may not work if you have dry or chapped lips. But if you keep your lips moisturized and smooth, this lip color is a beautiful pale shade with a bit of a purple undertone. Since it's matte, it won't move around on your lips throughout the day, and it won't compete with your eye makeup!
CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm - Ballet Twist (205): This jumbo lip pencil is a pale peachy shade with a touch of shimmer. It goes on very sheer, but you can also build up the pigment by applying a few layers. It's really easy to apply without a mirror, and feels very lightweight on the lips!
NYX Butter Gloss - Peaches and Cream: This has been one of my favorite summer glosses, and I definitely plan on wearing it into the fall as well! It's a gorgeous peachy pink color, and true to the name, it's extremely smooth and buttery on the lips! It gives the lips exactly the right touch of color.

Let's be real - anything goes in college! For these lip products, I picked out something nude, something bright, and something with super versatile packaging, for those busy days where you're going from the dining hall to class to practice to clubs and finally, to the library for an all-nighter!

Revlon Lip Butter - Peach Parfait: This shade is the perfect peachy-nude color with a bit of shimmer and a TON of shine! One of my favorite things about the Revlon Lip Butters is that I never feel like I need a gloss with them, because they're incredibly shiny already!
Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer - Stellar: In reality, this shade is a bit more pink than it looks in my selfies, but either way - this one is bright! Since this product stains my lips, I don't have to worry about reapplying it right away when I feel it wearing off! (Note: I purchased mine in England where they're called "Apocalips," thus the different name on the packaging.)
Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Gloss - Pink: I've never found these pH products to really change color on anyone, but I can't dispute the fact that this gloss is a gorgeous, vibrant pink shade that gives a ton of color just by itself! The packaging on this gloss is also so cool - there's a mirror on the tube and the wand lights up, so you can reapply in any situation and don't need to carry a separate mirror with you all day!

And....that's it! Hopefully you'll get some back-to-school inspiration from these lip products, and find one that's perfect for you! And of course, to everyone who's starting school again - lots of luck! <3


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