Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Look of the Day: Summery Lips!

Summer is almost over, but there are still a few days left to break out those bright & fun summer lip colors! For today's look, I went with dewy, flawless skin, light and shimmery eye makeup, and bold lips!

One of the keys to this look starts before you even apply a touch of makeup - it's all in the skincare! Before applying my foundation, I used an exfoliating cleanser to scrub my face and then slathered on some moisturizer. I also made sure to apply plenty of balm to my lips. That way, both my face makeup and my lipstick would apply smoothly later on, without accentuating any patches of rough skin.

For my face I just went about my typical routine, but I finished everything off with a hydrating spray. I used the e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set Spray, which doesn't do too much for me in terms of setting my makeup, but does a really nice job of keeping my face dewy and stopping it from getting powdery. For the eyes I just used a light sweep of shimmery nude shadow, followed by a touch of a darker matte shade in the outer corner and crease, just to give it a hint of depth. Then I applied liquid eyeliner very thinly across the top, and used a shimmery champagne eye pencil on the bottom waterline.

For the lips, any bright lipstick will do - I used one of the Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors, which are extremely matte, and paired it with a tiny bit of shimmery gloss in the center of the lip, to give some dimension to my lips. If your lips are less smooth, you might want to use a vibrant gloss or a less matte lipstick instead, to achieve the same effect.

Of course, you can always ramp up the eyes a little more if something this subtle isn't your style, but I love downplaying the eyes when I wear a bright lip - it puts all of the attention onto my lipstick, right where I want it!


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