Sunday, January 16, 2011

MAC Peacocky: Dalliance and Tweet Me

Hey guys! So I'm loving the new MAC Peacocky collection - I only picked up two colors because there's no way I can afford to blow all my money on makeup right now, but my mom and I drooled over all the gorgeous shades at the MAC counter in Macy's. I had my heart set on getting Dalliance and Tweet Me before I even got there, but Tweet Me was missing from the display; they did have it in stock so someone must have been using the tester for something, but for a second I was really concerned that they weren't going to have it. I mean, just the name alone convinced me that I needed to have it!
(I could have sworn I swatched these two, but apparently not. My camera battery was dying on me while I was taking pictures, so these two were photographed super quickly and I guess I just forgot.)

So later in the day I had to go to my little brother and sister's band concert up at their middle school, so I threw together a simple little look using the two MAC shadows. It's just Dalliance all over the lid, with Too Faced Milk Chocolate (from the Glamour Revolution Palette) on the outer corner (and darkened up a little with a matte black eyeshadow), then Tweet Me along the lower lash line, and tightlined with the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved. I used CoverGirl Lash Blast on my lashes, but that's mostly personal preference. Super simple, but it looks pretty nice.

Why are my eyes so veiny? Do eyes always look like that or are mine just particularly gross? Clearly I haven't taken a lot of close-ups of my eyes or I would know these things ...

XOXO, Ally

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  1. All eyes are veiny, don't ya worry :)
    ANd that blush suits you really well. Cuteness.