Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My hair was full of some seriously obvious split ends, so even though I've been growing it out, it was definitely time for a trim. Plus, I had to wait until I was home from college so I could get it cut by my regular hairdresser...

(I'm wearing Jesse's Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss in Violet in the pictures; it gives the craziest purpley-pink glow to my lips.)

I just got a few inches off to get rid of all the dead bits, then got some layers around the face and fixed up my bangs a bit - they're not too short, but still give that cute little swooping effect.

Also, I got an email today that the Urban Decay stuff I had ordered from Haute Look has been shipped - I'm super excited to get it in the mail, but then again, when would I not be excited about new makeup?

XOXO, Ally

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