Friday, February 11, 2011

Bath & Body Works Birthday Outlet Haul

Outlet shops and birthdays are basically two of the best things ever, so going outlet shopping with my friends for my birthday yesterday pretty much made it my favorite day (and if you're reading this, guys, which I know you're probably not - you rock!). We also got pedicures, but I figured I would spare you all a picture of my feet.

Now, to be fair, the outlet shops near my college aren't anything to rave about. There's an Old Navy which is always good for basics (or flip-flops), a rue21 if you're looking for cheap fashionable clothes that will fall apart soon after they go out of style or Justin Bieber shirts, and a Maurices which I had never heard of before yesterday - but the clothes were really cute and surprisingly reasonably priced (I'll probably do a separate post on the two things that I got from there as well as the one thing I picked up at rue21). And there's an Aeropostale and an American Eagle and a few other assorted stores, but nothing that makes me want to run out and buy everything in the store.

Except for Bath & Body Works.

Even when it comes to regular, full-priced items at Bath & Body Work, I want to buy everything - it's a combination of the sheer number of amazing scents and the adorably cute packaging that pulls me in every time. But when I'm in a Bath & Body Works with buckets of things for 75% off, I turn into an animal. I was walking around with armfuls - yes, LITERALLY armfuls - of lotions and body sprays that I hadn't even smelled yet. My shopping was driven by was pure primal instinct, nothing more. I didn't even waste time with one of those bags they give you to carry things around the store.

I ended up with two body butters, two anti-bacterial hand lotions, two of the pocket hand sanitizers (ok, those things are like $1.50 normally, and 75% off they're around $.35 - they could have the worst smell in the world and I would still buy them for that price!), and a big tube of body cream.

I'd just like to point out that one body butter is $15, and I got all of that for a little over $17. Just sayin'.

 Anyway, onto all my fabulous little purchases!

I'm definitely not in need of more of these body butters - I have like at least three or four that I haven't even opened, and they're huge containers, but the name and packaging sucked me in! It smells delicious and whenever I get sad I look at it and remember how at least my body butter loves me!

I've only ever used the anti-bacterial gel from Bath & Body Works, but apparently they have lotions, too - these both smell exactly like the name would suggest, and the apple one smells amazing - it's like fall in a little tube!

Yeesh, sorry these images are so long - I hate to make you guys scroll so much. Anyway, the flash doesn't show the colors on the packaging very well - the dark red color here is actually a light pink in real life, it's strange. But it smells really flowery and pretty, and I'm sending it to my mom as a birthday gift so I won't actually be able to smell it in the future.

I love citrus. Just gonna put that out there. So I snagged this one when I was being drawn in by the other body butter that was proclaiming its love for me - but this smells to crisp and refreshing, I love it! If I could eat a body butter, I would probably choose to eat this one.

 And finally - these guys. Seriously, the PocketBacs are the cutest and the holiday ones are always one sale for like $.35 after the holidays - I got two Halloween ones over winter break in Candy Corn and Spider's Web (which was licorice-scented) and I could not resist blood-colored hand sanitizer. The reindeer one is cute and smells super sweet, but the blood one is just so icky and repulsive that I love it. I want to make a mess just so I can use it!

So for around $17, I'd say I made out pretty well - a little birthday present to myself, if you will. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go slather my hands in plum-scented blood ...

XOXO, Ally

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