Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby, I Was Born This Way

So it was just a normal Saturday night and I decided to go out with strange black shapes all over my face.

Actually, it was for a Lady Gaga party (I'll bet none of you guessed that, right?) last night. The lines are kinda ... not straight at all, because even though I used tape to outline the shape it didn't stick very well. But it was dark anyway so I'm sure no one noticed. I don't have a good shot of the other eye but it was just a hot pink on the lid with lots of smokey black around the outside.
Oh, and look, I have weird friends. Who are wearing things that are not actually clothing as clothing. If they wore regular clothes I'm not sure I would like them as much. And in case any of you guys like to have that one quote that personifies the entire ocassion, I think last night's would probably be: "no, Lady Gaga doesn't just wear trash!"

XOXO, Ally 

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