Friday, May 1, 2015

Money-Saving Beauty Tips!

Who doesn't love to save money? Personally, there's nothing I love more than a good deal, especially when it comes to buying new beauty products! Here are a few of my top tips for looking your best without breaking the bank!

1. Cross check coupons with drug store sales! If you spot a beauty coupon online or in your weekly newspaper, make sure to check the sales at your local CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, or other drug store! That particular brand might already be on sale, and you can normally stack manufacturer's coupons with store deals!

2. Use reward points to get more points. Stores like CVS and Walgreens offer reward programs where you can get money back to spend in store after buying certain items or spending a certain amount of money. If you use these bucks to score other deals that will also give you reward points, you can keep earning money back while spending only a little out of pocket.

3. Find multi-tasking items to start out your makeup kit. If you're a makeup newbie, instead of buying a huge variety of products all at once, stick with just a few that can be used all over the face. Bronzer and highlighter can double as eyeshadows, and lipstick can be used as blush. Or, find a makeup palette with some bronze and pink shades in it, so you can use it on the eyes and face! Then, slowly stock up to grow your collection!

4. Research, research, research! This is a biggie for me - I rarely buy any beauty product without doing a quick Google search first. That way, I have a better idea of how a product works, and I can better decide if it's worth buying or not. It can be really hard to tell if you're going to like a product just by starting at the packaging, so doing a bit of research first can save you from buying a dud!


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