Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 for 2 Haul - new MUA Makeup Academy face products

Hiya loves! Yeah, I'm getting used to the British lingo here, and I figured I should use some in this British makeup brand haul. MUA is a super affordable drugstore brand that can be found at Superdrug stores in the UK and online for people in other countries. Their products range all the way from £1 to around £6, which reminds me a lot of the e.l.f. brand in the US. Anyway, since my trusty Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation is almost out and I couldn't find it in stores, I decided that I'd give a new foundation brand a try. And the newest range of MUA face products had a buy 2, get one free deal, so my choice was pretty obvious!

The three products that I picked up were the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation in the shade Beige (which is the middle shade, since it's almost spring and I'll be getting tanner), the Matte Perfect Primer, and the Radiant Under Eye Concealer. I believe the foundation was £5 and the primer was £4...I forget the price of the concealer but it was definitely less than £4. So far, I've only tried out the concealer, and I do like it, but it has some downsides that may not appeal to everyone.

After applying it under the eyes and setting it with powder, the concealer felt very secure and crease-resistant, which is a definite plus. But I felt like it made my pores look larger (which is not an issue for me around my eyes, but if you want your skin to look smoother in that area this might not be the product for you), and this may be due to the fact that there are tiny shimmery particles in this concealer. Now, since I'm only using this product under the eyes and not all over my face, I don't mind the shimmer so much. But if you are looking for something completely matte, this product won't work for you. I'm a little worried that the foundation will have shimmer as well, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to test that...

 Here's a picture of me wearing the concealer under my eyes - as you can see the shimmer isn't very apparent at all, however when I test it in natural light that might change. Hopefully I like the other two products as well when I test them out!

XOXO (and cheers), 

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