Saturday, May 14, 2011

NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Paradise - Swatches

I'll admit it - I'm a glitter addict. I don't wear it very often because super-glittery eyes aren't really an everyday look for me, but I glitter is the one thing that I can't resist, even though I don't frequently wear it. The NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Paradise is a really cool, glittery way to spice up a look, despite being a little hard to work with.
(In case it wasn't obvious, click the pictures and they'll get bigger!)

Sorry that the swatches are kinda blurry, but it gives you the best idea of the sparkle that these guys have. These palettes would be great to check out if you like glitter but find it hard to use loose, because of the fallout. On the other hand, it's harder to get an opaque later of glitter because of all the thick gel that the product is suspended in. In my opinion, it's worth a chance at only $6, but I would wait and see if the formula works for you before buying multiple shades.

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