Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wet N Wild Lust Palette - Review and Swatches

I picked up this palette a little while ago after hearing so many good things about it, and I'm definitely impressed by the quality of the shadows, especially considering the super low price that I got these for.

The packing is pretty typical on these. Six eyeshadows are stored in a black plastic container with a clear plastic flip-top lid. The palette does come with a mini sponge tip applicator and a mini eyeshadow brush, but both have long since been thrown away. Including the brush was a nice gesture, but we're already getting six beautiful eyeshadows here - there's no need to push our luck and assume the brush is going to be anything quality.

(Sorry that my camera washed out the lightest two shades, but they show up a lot better in the swatches below.)

Starting from the top left, which is essentially the bottom of the palette, we have a really nice dark plum color - it's a perfect crease color for a smokey purple look, and I also sometimes use it to line my eyes when I want something a little softer than black. It reminds me a tiny bit of MAC's Shadowy Lady, only brighter.

The middle matte color is a brighter purple, almost like a grape color. It has a more pinkish undertone to it, and it's definitely a nice shade of purple to have on hand. Nothing too exciting here, but it still does its job wonderfully.

The final matte color is a very pretty light pink, and is probably one of my most-used colors from this palette. It's an amazing brow-bone highlighter, but looks very very natural on the eye. I use it a lot to highlight or to blend out the edges of other eyeshadows, because it meshes with my skintone beautifully.

The bottom row contains all shimmery colors, and the left-most one is one of my personal favorite eyeshadows from this palette. It's a black with shimmery pink glitter in it, a combination which looks especially gorgeous in the crease or even lining the eyes. The pink glitter shows up really well in the swatches, and the color is a fun play on the traditional black eyeshadow.

The middle shimmer is a blue-ish gray color with plenty of shimmer to it; it's a wonderful color and blends really well, but I don't wear a lot of grays so I don't find myself reaching for this color as often. Even so, I do use it every so often and I've never been disappointed.

The last color is a shimmery white; I use this instead of the matte light pink color if I'm looking for a more obvious highlight, and it's also a nice white for the inner corner. I've found that sometimes it can show up a little sheer, but that's nothing an extra layer of shadow can't fix.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: If you're on a budget, this is definitely a palette to check out. The color payoff is fantastic for the price, the colors are all very true to their shades in the packaging, and they look gorgeous when applied. And if you're not closely monitoring your makeup spending, there's nothing stopping you from dropping a few dollars on this palette. It's easy to find a use for each of the six eyeshadows included, so you won't be stuck with an entire palette when you only want one or two colors. The only issue might be finding the product in stores; I bought this at a Rite Aid while at my college and I assumed my local CVS would also carry Wet N Wild products, but it turned out it didn't. I have found Wet N Wild products at other drugstores in my area, so you should have no problem finding them as long as you have a range of stores to check.

XOXO, Ally

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