Friday, December 31, 2010

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics: Pure Pigment Eye Dusts - Review and Swatches

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics was one of those companies that I had heard about, was intrigued by, and then forgot about all together. That is, until I was wandering around a local Rite Aid near my college campus and noticed a huge display packed high with Jesse's Girl products. I hadn't grabbed a basket or anything because I wasn't planning on buying mush, so I ending carting up handfuls of makeup to the check out counter - and I probably would have gotten more if I could have carried it. They retail for $3.99, which is a fantastic price for a product like this.

I picked up four colors: Trouble Maker, Sunset BLVD, Kiwi Rose, and Blackstar Blue. The packaging is pretty simple but still very cute, and the little containers are packed pretty full (each one contains 2.5 grams of product). They're very shimmery and sheer, and they all have an amazing duo-chrome shimmer.

"Trouble Maker" is an extremely bright aqua blue color with a touch of a greenish gold shimmer. On its own it goes on pretty sheer and so it shows up lighter than in the container, but if you layer it up on top of an eyeshadow primer you can get some nice pigmentation out of it. It looks particularly stunning over the black, where the greenish shine comes out very nicely - so I would definitely recommend using a base of some sort with this one.

Sunset BLVD (Boulevard, I would assume) is a reddish pinky color with a hint of gold. I don't typically wear a lot of reds so this one hasn't gotten as much use, but I think it adds a nice gold glimmer to the black base. It was a little lackluster in the swatch photos, but it does look nice when wet, so definitely check it out if you like colors in the red/pink family.

Blackstar Blue is probably my second favorite out of the four I got - it's a dark black, with a really nice blue duochrome to it. It does get a little streaky on its own, but it shows up nicely over the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and layering it over the black really makes the blue stand out. Of course, this particular shade isn't very conducive to layering over white, but I swatched it anyway for the sake of continuity.

Kiwi Rose is my absolute favorite of these four pigments, and it was the one that attracted me to the display of Eye Dusts in the first place. It's a white base, but with an incredible bright green duochrome. It's such a unique shade, and looks really nice in the inner corner to add a tiny pop of color to an otherwise typical look. I'm in love with the fact that it can go from looking almost white over the white base to looking like a pure green shadow over the black base. If you were going to go out and buy only one Eye Dust, it would have to be this one.

As a little bonus, I threw in a swatch of all four colors applied wet - they're all just applied on my bare hand, no base of any kind.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: No product is perfect - Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts have their flaws, just like any thing else out there. But I was very satisfied with the colors I picked up, especially when you consider the price. The thing that struck me the most was their unique niche; they're more sheer than a regular eyeshadow pigment, but not as dramatic as an actual glitter, and they can look drastically different depending on how they're applied. I can't see anyone not enjoying these - of course, I believe they're only available at Rite Aid and online, so actually getting a hold on them might be difficult. But in my honest opinion, these pigments might actually be worth the trouble.

XOXO, Ally

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