Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New MUA Makeup Academy Line at CVS

So I got this little pamphlet in the mail today - CVS sure does know how to get a girl's attention!

Makeup Academy is a new line of lip products, brushes, and lashes, coming to CVS. Though this line uses the same logo/name as the British MUA makeup brand, these products are completely new, formulated just for their release at CVS. They are not the same products sold at Superdrug stores in the UK. You can read more about this new line at Happi.com!

I definitely want to test out some of these new lip products for you guys, so hopefully I can put that $2 coupon to good use! Since these products were newly created for CVS it's hard to know what they'll be like, and the prices for the lip products are around $8 - a little pricey compared to the UK brand!

I'm hoping to spot one of these displays at my local CVS soon! (I'll snap some pics if I do!)

9/15 Update: And here's the display!

The lip products look really interesting, not too sure about the brushes - they were a little on the pricey side but they did seem like nice quality!


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