Monday, January 2, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Sale!

If you're a fan of Victoria's Secret fragrances (I know I am!), it might be time to take a trip down to your favorite Victoria's Secret store and check out their super fragrance sale going on right now! Tons of body sprays and perfumes are 50-75% off, as well as certain lotions and fragrances being 3/$15 or 5/$25. I just happened to stop in the other day while I was perusing the mall (getting my new calendar!), and I snatched up a couple really nice deals.

The Victoria's Secret Pink holiday fragrances and body care were all 50% off, so I got this little guy for $4 instead of $8. (Not gonna lie, I love getting deals on holiday items after the holidays are over, especially things like this that you can honestly use year-round.) If you haven't seen any of these holiday fragrances yet, the names are all really cute - other than "Give a Little Pink," which is the one I got, they have "Oh What Fun is Pink" and "Merry Merry Pink." Give a Little Pink smells fruity and bright but also has some warmth to it, if that makes any sense, and these little mini fragrances would make great birthday gifts for someone with a winter birthday, since they're not overly holiday-themed.

I also got this fragrance mist in "Wild One," which was 75% off of it's normal price of $20. Definitely a great value for just $5 on clearance! You can definitely smell the raspberry in this, but it's not overly fruity. And the packaging is really gorgeous - love the lace and leopard print!

You can find a lot of these deals online, but the sales seem to be better in stores - for example, the Wild One body spray that I got for 75% off is only 50% off on the Victoria's Secret website. At the same time, a deal is still a deal, and if you don't have a Victoria's Secret store near you, it's still worth checking out their online deals!

XOXO, Ally

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